Pioneer volleyball ‘Yell(s) Like Hell’

The atmosphere was electric and the student section was almost filled to capacity. All of the sororities and fraternities were in attendance showing off their pride with flags, shirts, body paint and even someone dressed as a dinosaur. It was homecoming’s Yell Like Hell night on Oct. 12 at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, and the fans delivered. Every point that the Pioneer Women’s volleyball team scored, the crowd erupted in cheers. With every serve that Lakeland College made, they yelled in hopes of throwing them off. The crowd’s cheers helped motivate the Lady Pioneers to win the match 3-2.

The first set was close from the start. Both teams didn’t want to give up any ground early. After taking a 5-6 lead, Lakeland took control and won the set, 19-25.

Set two was all Platteville. They took the first point of the set and didn’t look back. Lakeland tried to make a comeback down 7-2 and scored two straight points to bring the score to 7-4. The Pioneers were having none of that and scored nine straight points pulling ahead to 16-4, winning the set, 25-8.

The third set was much more exciting. Platteville and Lakeland kept trading blows, taking an early 2-0 lead and hanging on to no more than a four-point lead, causing suspense within the crowd. With the Pioneers leading 17-15, Lakeland ended up scoring three consecutive points taking their first lead of the game before the Pioneers called a time- out. After gaining a new strategy, Platteville scored, tying the game at 18-18. The Pioneers would quickly go down 18-23 before attempting a comeback, but eventually falling 22-25.

Set four had both teams trading the lead throughout the entire set. The Pioneers started down 2-0, but continued to hang in the game during the first of many ties back and forth at 15-15. It wasn’t until the Pioneers took the final lead of the set 26-25. Senior Amber Williams scored the winning point with a spike, stealing the set 27-25.

The fifth and final set started out with another early UW-Platteville lead and comeback by Lakeland. The game was close until a 4-0 run by the Pioneers, taking a commanding lead, 14-9. Lakeland ended up calling a timeout to try and rally but to no avail. UW-Platteville would come away with a victory winning set, 15-10, and won the match 3-2.