Milio’s Athlete of the Week: Matt Oestreich

Hometown: Marshfield, WI

Year: Senior

Major: Business Administration – Finance and Management      Emphasis

Sport: Men’s Basketball

How old were you when you started basketball?

I was about a year old when I first started dribbling a ball     around, and I was five years old when I started playing organized games at the YMCA in Marshfield.

Is competing in college more difficult than it was before you came here?

I can’t necessarily say if it’s more or less difficult when it comes to competing at this level. The way the game is played has evolved. It’s very difficult to compare teams and their styles of play across time periods, even if four years is a short period of time. The team I played on my freshman year and the team this year were very different in terms of style of play. One thing I am sure about is the competitiveness of the conference we play in, the WIAC. Year after year, from top to bottom, each team in the conference is talented. It’s the most competitive conference in the nation and I wouldn’t have wanted to play anywhere else.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Professionally, I see myself holding position in the field of finance. I will also be each of my little brother’s biggest fan and support them as much as I can in whatever they do. I see me giving back to younger people in sports. I want to inform them of the experiences I’ve had so they can learn and be the best they can be.