Pioneers dominate first home game of the season

Lakeland University Muskies fall to University of Wisconsin-Platteville Pioneers 49-12

This past weekend the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Pioneer’s football team played against the Lakeland University Muskies, where the Pioneers ended the game with a winning score of 49-12. The game started off strong in the Pioneer’s favor with Colin Schuetz, Mark Johnson and Donald Allender making touchdowns and touchdown passes during the first period. By the end of the first period, Pioneer’s held a 7-6 lead. 

As the game continued, the Muskies never gained a lead on the Pioneers. Evan Gates was able to score the next few touchdowns, which left the score at 42-12 Pioneers. The Pioneers had a strong lead during the fourth quarter. 

“I thought the energy of the crowd, plus the energy of the team, got the entire stadium in the mood to win, and that is exactly what we did,” senior criminal justice major Taylor Gray said. “I think this was a great first home game of the season, and I cannot wait to see what our team will do during the rest of the season.”

The theme for the game was blue out, and the crowd did not disappoint. Almost the entire stadium showed up in blue. The crowd and band cheered on for the Pioneers to win.

The game ended with a final score of 49-12.