Women’s rugby fall against Michigan Tech

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville women’s rugby team faced off against Michigan Tech in their 4th match this season on Saturday, October 16th. The Michigan Tech Huskies took an early lead and rarely lost control of the pitch leading to a Michigan Tech win at 86-12. 

The Pioneers started the match with a determined mindset and a solid defense.  However, as Michigan Tech began to find holes in the defense, the Pioneers began to fall to the ever-increasing Michigan momentum. Nevertheless, the Platteville women stood strong, and were able to ensure that the Huskies could only score three tries and two conversions in the first half resulting in a 19-0 Michigan lead at half.  

The Pioneers took halftime to regroup and reset their offensive and defensive strategies. The Huskies quickly scored and began to pound the Pioneers’ defensive line.  However, Pioneers were able to answer the tries with two of their own.  The first try was scored by forward Heather Grabow.  The Huskies continued to fight back but Platteville a much-needed boost to morale.   

The Pioneer efforts were no match for the strong Michigan offensive.  As the Pioneers began to push back against the Huskies’ line the Huskies became determined to push back.  Michigan was able to push against the Pioneers’ defense a few more times, however, as the game went on, Platteville continued to fight as Michigan began to lose steam.  The Pioneers were able to claim the last try of the game thanks to Maya Grueneberg.  The Pioneers managed to finish the game much stronger than they started, but unfortunately were unable to overcome the 74-point lead.  

Junior forensic investigation major Heather Grabow, one of the veteran players, offered her thoughts on the team’s performance this past weekend.  

“What I liked most is that we played hard through the end of the game.  We got the last score and finished strong as a team,” Grabow said.

An injured reserve player, sophomore engineering major Mackenzie Darkow, offered her comments on the team’s development of talent this season. 

“Our new players, like Corrin Waterworth, have really improved over the season and have potential to become as good as, or better than, some of our best players,” Darkow said.

The Women’s Rugby team will likely play their first playoff game of the post season on Saturday, October 27th, depending on how much healing their injured players can manage over the next two weeks.