Name: Chase Cleasby
Hometown: Plainfield, IL
Year: Senior
Major: BFA Graphic Design Emphasis
Club Sport: Club Soccer

How old were you when you started playing this sport?
I started playing soccer when I was five years old and fell in love with the game.

Who or what inspired you to start playing this sport?
My inspiration came from my parents who encouraged me to try new things; I thank them for introducing me to soccer!

How did you get into this sport?
I started to develop life-long friendships through the various teams I played for as a kid which made playing the sport so much fun.

What is your advice for incoming freshman who want to get involved in campus club sports?
Some advice that I would give would be to relish the opportunities that club sports bring. Club sports are a great midground for playing a sport you enjoy while maintaining focus on school. I would highly recommend getting involved in club sports as a great way to be active and gain new friendships!