Rainbow Six Siege: UW-Platteville vs. Carthage College


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

On Feb. 7, the UW-Platteville’s Rainbow Six Siege battled against Carthage College on their Twitch livestream. The two teams played on the map Clubhouse. Whoever won seven games first won the entire match.

To start the game, Platteville’s squad banned Hibana which was a strong move. In response to this ban, Carthage went on to ban Kaid and Thatcher. To finish off the banning phase, Platteville banned the Mira. Based on their choices, the Carthage team had an advantage for their offense.

UWPL chose characters that have worked for them in the past. Their first defensive lineup was strong right out of the gate with their chosen pawn as follows: Thunderbird, Bandit, Smoke, Jager, and Wamai. CC replaced one of their characters with Kali which was seen as a controversial move because the map Clubhouse contains a tight area.

The home team was not unfamiliar to the map Clubhouse and immediately preceded to go upstairs and deal with the money room. CC missed an opportunity in the garage as a member of UWPL went down. Due to this error, UWPL took the first round, 3-1.

For the second round, the home team protected the basement while CC tried to figure out what their strategy was or if they had one. This is the first time that these two colleges have played against each other and CC knew nothing about the skills and defensive strategies of UWPL. However, Carthage came back, and it was 2-2 at the thirty second mark. In the end, Platteville barely managed to grab the dub with four seconds left on the clock.

What CC lacked in defense, they made up for in offense. UWPL lost players quickly during the round as it was 3-5 at one point. UWPL could not make a comeback as CC took the win for the round because the bomb was placed.

The fourth round was won by UWPL. CC did not diffuse the bomb in time, and UWPL protected the upstairs. At this time, UWPL was winning the match with the score 3-1. CC lost hope and gave the fifth round to UWPL.

In the sixth round, CC put in the Thermite after losing multiple times. The CEA rules came into play when the teams switched sides; CC went on defense and UWPL went on offense. Again, UWPL took the win with the score 5 -1.

UWPL wielded a double-edged sword, and the offense won yet another round as CC was still unable to set up a plan.

Finally, the match point round started with a lot of intensity as CC needed to win to hold off UWPL’s victory. CC managed to rally their team and pulled off their second win. The score was 2-6.

Another intense match point round occurred and UWPL won with no time left on the clock. UWPL took the whole match against their new opponents. The Pioneers won 7-2.