Rainbow Six Siege: UW-Platteville vs. Saint Louis University


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

UW-Platteville faced Saint Louis University Esports on Feb. 2, in week three of the CEA Siege Open League. The teams played the best of three matches, live on twitch, with Bawnsaiii and Coinman1863 as casters.

The first match, played on map Clubhouse, went into overtime match point UWPL, 8-7. In Round 13, UWPL used a desk for a shield as SLU creatively shot under the desk at their opponent’s feet. SLU ambushed from around hallway corners, but UWPL retained one player safely and annihilated SLU with C-4, making it SLU, 3-1. This rapidly became 1-1 and Ender. UWPL charged the desk and took out the last of SLU.

In Round 14, SLU gradually took out each one of UWPL, which led to a round score of SLU, 7 -7. One last overtime match point was required to determine the outcome of the first match.

In the last round of the first match, EnVys.UWPL made a double kill. The score became UWPL, 3-1, with thirty seconds left. SLU maneuvered strategically around a door frame and aimed on target, but UWPL took out SLU and won the first match.

The second match was played on map ‘Chalet’, ‘The Magical Frozen Wasteland’. SLU kept one round point ahead of UWPL until Round 12. Anchored at the southside of the building, robo71.UWPL waited for SLU to make an advantageous move from the north and took a member out, and the score became 2-1, but Ender.UWPL dropped “the last remaining member of SLU.”

In overtime match point, Round 13, UWPL played offense, which was considered a weakpoint in map Chalet. The score barely dropped until the final minute when it was SLU, 4-3. At 30 seconds left, SLU had a triple kill. Moments later, SLU won Round 13.

In overtime match point, Round 14, the clock ran down to zero SLU, 1-1 when the last member of UWPL was dropped. SLU won the second match and tied with UWPL, match point 1-1.

The rounds of the third match, played on map Kafe Dostoyevsky, were neck and neck. In overtime match point, Round 13, with one minute left, the score was SLU, 2-1, as SLU achieved a double kill. sPondas. UWPL stood solitarily against SLU as bullets whizzed in UWPL’s direction. The last player of SLU walked into UWPL’s line of fire and also strategically avoided the C-4 set by UWPL. This kept SLU safe long enough to take out the last member of UWPL and win the overtime match point of Round 13. Then UWPL won Round 14 with two members left standing and 12 seconds left. A final, third overtime match point was required to determine the night’s winner.

SLU began Round 15 strategically stationed at three different vantage points: the roof, the main floor and around the outside of the building. With only 35 seconds left, SLU made a double kill. The teams followed closely to one another with the score tied 3-3 with only 15 seconds left. While nearly dead, Lock-_-, from UWPL, achieved a triple kill which flipped the score in UWPL’s favor, 3-1. The time ran out on the clock so UWPL, the defenders, won Round 15. The Pioneers championed the best of three matches against SLU.