Brawl Breaks Out at Madison vs Michigan Game


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

On Feb. 20, the Wisconsin Badgers faced the Michigan Wolverines. Both the Big Ten teams brought a large audience to the game.

Michigan won 3 out of the 4 last games when facing Wisconsin, so the odds were in Michigan’s favor.

At the end of the first half, the score between Michigan and Wisconsin was thirty-one points apart. Hunter Dickinson made fifteen out of the thirty-one points in the first half.

Wisconsin, in the second half of the game, took the lead and held on to it until the end coming out as 77-63.

Wisconsin’s Johnathan Davis was a major contributor for the second half, making a total of twenty-five points out of Wisconsin’s total of forty-six points for the second half, which resulted in a loss for Michigan.

When it came time for everyone to shake hands for the well-played game, Michigan’s coach Juwan Howard could be seen visibly shaken up while he was in a verbal altercation with Wisconsin’s coach, Greg Guard.

This quickly heated as the coaches were being separated. Howard then threw an open hand, which landed on Wisconsin assistant coach Joe Krabbenhoft’s face.

As things started becoming chaotic, there was some pushing between players from both teams. Thankfully, nobody got severely hurt. However, Howard did land a hard hit on Krabbenhoft.

This resulted in Howard being suspended for the remaining five games of the Wolverines regular season; furthermore, he was fined $40,000 for his contribution to the altercation by the Big Ten Conference.

Greg Gard was not left off the hook and got a fine of thousand dollars due to violating the sportsmanship’s policy that the Big Ten Conference has in place.

Some of the players, such as Michigan’s Terrance Williams and Moussa Diabate, and Wisconsin’s Jahcobi Neath, were suspended for one game for what appeared to be punches thrown during the whole mess.