Rainbow Six Siege: UWPL vs. Concordia


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

The UW-Platteville Rainbow Six Siege Esports team faced off against Concordia University on March 3 in another game during the season. Kafe was the map choice for the game. 

In preparation for the game, UWPL did their homework on their opponent. Concordia tends to play Flores and Mira, characters which Platteville banned for the round. The second ban was executed quickly as the esports team knew what they wanted to do.  

Concordia started out with a solid lineup: Castle, Mute, Alibi, Jager and Aruni. UWPL chose a normal lineup except for the character Sledge. At the start of the first round, UWPL was in for the approach. However, it was 2 to 2 with 45 seconds left to go in the first round. Concordia also did some research on Platteville and won the first round.  

For the second round, Jackal was going to be strongly used by Concordia, the home team. The approach by UWPL was to descend and get Concordia out of the room. It was anyone’s game with 45 seconds on the clock, but Platteville fell apart in 12 seconds. Concordia won the second round.  

By the third round, UWPL had enough of Concordia’s unbreakable defense and really came alive. UWPL was aggressive and fast on offense this round. Unfortunately, their passion did not last long when two of their players were eliminated and the strategy was ruined. Concordia ruthlessly took the round. 

Finally, during the fourth round, UWPL started taking out the cameras and securing the safety of the stairs. They took two defenders out and were holding them steady until the defense demolished them. Concordia won, claiming all four rounds played.

Platteville was trying to break the pattern and switched their lineup going into the fifth round. There was a triple kill in the last 12 seconds and the offense had their last two players defuse the bomb. UWPL was in the game now with one round on the board.

This win spurred action in the hearts of the attackers and UW-Platteville went into the sixth round wanting a win. Sledge was working hard and breaking the doors. The defuser was planted and Platteville managed to win the round after making a cool shot from above on the defense. The score was now 4-2 and UWPL had a lot of work to do.

The wins kept coming as UW-Platteville switched oppositions to play defense. The Ministro was kept alive and took the round all while being outnumbered 1 to 3. Platteville took the 7th round, making the score 4-3.

Concordia stopped the momentum enough to secure two more matches by the ninth round with the score 6-3. It seemed that UWPL would walk away with a lost game. 

Out of nowhere, UWPL made a comeback and won match point after match point to tie up the game 6-6. The thirteenth round was the game-deciding round. It was truly something out of a movie. Though UWPL put up a good fight as verocious underdogs, Concordia claimed the game-winning matchpoint to secure the 7-6 conclusion.