Rainbow Six Siege Starts Semester Strong


The Rainbow Six Team, UWPL Esports Twitter photo

Rainbow Six Siege (UWPL) could potentially be  UW-Platteville’s fastest growing student group, and they are heading into this semester’s season with a large boost in membership. 

This esports team has reached its first year as an official group on campus with 75 members on their Discord server. Jaxon Hafenbreadl, the president of Rainbow Siege at UW-Platteville, is full of passion and optimism for this esports group.  

Even though UWPL is not a football team or a traditional sport, it still takes talent and collaboration. This group does not have their space on campus to compete or practice as a team. 

Every student practices in their own space, and virtually contributes to the team. UWPL has grown from a few students wanting to form a group in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic into a well-managed team. Collaboration and communication take time and effort to reach proficiency.

Not only does UWPL have 75 members, but they also have four collegiate teams with another one in progress.

Two of these teams released their starting lineup on the esports Twitter page at the beginning of August.

Team A’s starting lineup consists of players Lock, Kaseadilla, Robo, Lyvic and Saratobi. Team B’s starting lineup consists of players Frosty, Ocilias, HMThree, Shadow and Happy.

The team competes in three leagues including the National Esports Collegiate Conference and the Midwest R6 season this semester.

Team A competed on Sept. 6 against Kettering Esports (4-7) and Purdue Esports (5-7). Team B played against WSU Gold (4-7) and Baker University (5-7).

Both teams played two games the following week on Sept. 13 as part of the activation round of NECC. Team A competed against Champlain (win by forfeit) and OC Esports (4-7). Team B crushed Definace Esports (7-2) and Rio Grande (7-0).

In round one of the NECC, Team B fought hard against Hocking College but was beat out 0-2.

The beginning of the Midwest R6 league season was rescheduled from Sept. 20 to Sept. 23 due to internet connectivity issues. Team A began the season with a strong win against Iowa Gold (2-1).

Team B competed on Sept. 21 against Hocking College (0-2) as part of the first week of NECC games.

For the schedule of future games and more information about Rainbow Six Siege at UW-Platteville, visit their PioneerLink