Soccer Team Celebrates Ninth Dance Tradition


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

UW-Platteville’s men’s soccer team and dance team performed together on Wednesday, Feb. 15, during the women’s basketball halftime show. This was a must-see show that has been performed yearly for the last nine years. The dance tradition sparked the interest of the crowd when it began and continues to draw more people every year.

“Both teams thought it would be a fun and entertaining event to showcase in front of the students and fans, ” soccer player Jacob Keller said in response to how the tradition started. It was a mutual idea from both the soccer and dance teams.

This dance allows the soccer players break out of their shells while performing. “At first, the guys can be hesitant when they hear they have to dance in front of a crowd with the dance team. However, after the first practice, all the guys were stoked for the next one and enjoyed themselves. The dance team does an excellent job coming up with fun dances that the soccer team can still do and they practice three or four times beforehand. Overall, it’s a fun tradition that both teams are a part of,” Keller said.

The dance is full of flips and tricks put together to entertain the audience. It is set to upbeat music that grabs the attention of the viewers. Those watching are left in awe of how a group of guys that play soccer can dance well.