Candidates visit

Candidates visit

October 17, 2018

Determining the value of an individual’s vote

Jacob Klang, [email protected]

October 17, 2018

In Wisconsin, the Voter ID Law has deterred many voters from going to the polls. Professor Rosalyn Broussard and an attorney named Molly McGraff were asked to speak on campus about the controversial voter ID law in Wisconsin. “In...

Engaging discussion at post election forum

Sara Myers, [email protected]

December 8, 2016

On Nov. 30, a five presentation forum about the recent presidential election was held in Doudna Hall. Political science associate professor and department chair Travis Nelson worked as the host of the forum. Sociology professor...

Hilary Duff for President

Hilary Duff for President

October 26, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Trump sign burned on the stake

Letter to the Editor

October 26, 2016

Dear Editor: We are heartbroken and angry over the recent burning of our political sign. Yes, it was a Trump sign, but please read on. This gets interesting! A young man clad only in his underwear - no socks, shoes, shirt,...

Student voters drive governance

Matthew Ahasay, Opinions Editor

April 11, 2013

Voting is the heart of a democratic system of governance.  It allows the people to choose for themselves who will lead, shape and represent them.  Whether school, local, state or federal, an American’s right to vote is what...

Does Obama’s ethnicity really matter?

Rachel Schneider, Guest Columnist

November 29, 2012

Does it really matter that Obama is black? It may be the sweet young age I currently am, but it really doesn’t bother me. I know the history of black slaves and white masters, but is anyone but a vampire really white? Yes,...


Roseanne Olsen

October 25, 2012

President Obama cut the banks out of the student-loan process as middlemen. By so doing, Obama saved taxpayers $61 billion that will be given to 3 million students by way of Pell Grants and other aid. Obama assured that...

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