Campus Climate Read Corrections

Last week’s Exponent contained an error in the editorial “Protesting traveling campus preacher.” We would like to thank the Campus Climate office for notifying us.

The editorial ended with the statement, “The staff at Campus Climate are in the processes of making counter-protesting signs that are made not to engage with you. I hope that you will like the ‘Hate is NOT welcome here’ and other signs…”

Campus Climate Trainer Kayden Carpentier writes that: “Although we see peaceful, counter-protesting as beneficial in some cases, the Department of Campus Climate is not currently in the process of making counter-protesting signs in response to this incident.”

He adds that “We are open to discussing future counter-protesting efforts if students would like to propose any collaborative initiatives and are looking into expanding our resources moving forward. If anyone has any questions about current projects or resources within Campus Climate please contact us at [email protected] or call at 608-342-6179. Our offices are located in Warner Hall,