Project Run-Away: Wearable Art in Motion


Morgan Fuerstenberg photo

The classes Crafts I: Fibers and Fabrics and 3D Design presented their visual work to the public in their Project Run-away: Wearable Art in Motion. The fashion show took place in the Center for the Arts on May 9 at 6 p.m.

Sarah Strange, instructor of Crafts I: Fibers and Fabrics, assigned homework to challenge the students to create an “avant-garde head to toe look using recycled materials with at least one technique covered in this class.” The works at the show included “Cascade” by Abigail Shimniok, ‘Cnidarian Dream’ by Kassidy Litton, ‘Regal Recession’ by Chantel Lynch, ‘Princesse Fleur’ by Annabelle Reppen, ‘Fertility Fairy’ by Faith Dalton, ‘Vinyl Fatale’ by Anna Fassbinder, ‘Sustainable Patchwork’ by Raven Bauer, ‘The Modern Alternative Design (MAD)’ tie dress by Emma Larsen, ‘The Suit’ by Sydney Van Gelder, and ‘Mock Mimic’ by Monardo Faria.

For the 3D Design class, professor Scott Steder wanted to see his students visually create the “thematic constraints that require research, such as global identities, sustainability/climate change, robotics/genetics, and humanity-technology interface. The looks ‘Almost Human’ by Emilly Folks & Ian Oplatek, ‘Ocean Apocalypse’ by Raven Bauer and Karlee Braun, ‘Wasterful, Not Tasteful’ by Vivienne Ivanov and Sawyer Hahn, ‘Don’t Breathe’ by Paxton Morgan and Emma Horton, ‘Media Dependency Theatrics’ by Jemma Poffinbarger and Maxine Reisinger, ‘A Fire to End Humanity’ by Jada Brylski and Lexi Lind, and ‘A Matter of Time’ by Caitlynn Hahn and Elle Roepsch were shown at this event.