Criminal Justice major finds primo parking on campus

Student now able to easily park automobile with use of Chancellor Sheilds parking spot

The sound of heels clacking, padfolios unzipping and butt kissing were echoed around the University of Wisconsin-Platteville campus last week at the university’s career fair. Many students were anxious and excited by the prospect of landing a new job or internship. However, Meter Maid, junior criminal justice major was anxious for a different reason: landing a parking spot.

The University has two commuter lots available for students. Half of these spots are made available for faculty who also felt the pain of the career fair. Renta Cop, a senior faculty member said, “I’m excited that the students have the opportunity to find jobs, especially those that pay better than this gig, but I have to pay a lot for my parking pass. Students are upset about printing costs, but we’re upset about parking especially when the lot I pay for is blocked off for HR reps who are making more than me.”

One of the lots was blocked off for HR reps. In order to ensure no students or faculty even tried to squirrel their way into the lot, criminal justice majors were stationed at the entrance of the lot.

With the tight security, one may ask how Maid was able to find such a coveted spot.

“Well, I saw the barricades and knew I wouldn’t make it through, not without scratching my beloved powder blue Crown Victoria. So, I took the only spot I could find open; I took the chancellor’s spot,” she said.

Senior philosophy major Read Aton was not as lucky in his quest to find parking.

Aton said, “Yeah man, I was running late because I was contemplating the meaning of life and when I got to campus BAM no spots. I took it as a sign.” He reported that he had a midterm exam that day but decided to turn around and go home. He will be retaking the class next year; making this his eighth year at UW-Platteville for his bachelor’s.

Taking the spot was a bold move on Maid’s part as the fine associated with taking the spot is as high as the old printing budget, $25.00. The Chancellor’s Office only comment was “It’s a far walk from his house to campus, we would equivocate it to walking from the circle.” According to Google Maps, it is 0.8 miles from the circle to the alleged spot. The chancellor’s house is two blocks.

Maid said she did not receive any citations for taking the spot. When asked if she would do it again she confidently stated, “Yes, it’s a great day to be a Pioneer when you can find parking on campus!”