Error free tissue

THe Award wining newspaper

The Exponent finally produces an error free tissue!

Threw-out the school year, The Exponent has been trying to produce a quality and error paper issue for the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“We’ve really been looking at other university newspapers in the UW system to see how they do it,” Junior media stud major and HBIC Desire Rowe said.

The exponent has established a new vetting system. Each artifice will now have to be red by five different editers. With the new regime, a whole new different staff was also established.

“We fired the main person that was letting all dis errors be published,” Senior English major Mackenzie Morals said.  “Sammy Hoppers caused 99.9% of the problem at the Exponent. Bish had to go.”

Along with the dismissals, there were also additions to the editoral staff. Ever since the Exponent merged with the Spanish department, English majors are offered credit to be on the staff.

Daytona Miles has been added as a managing/ sports editor, has experienced in playing the field and plays for both teams.

Courtney [insert last name here] was added as ass copy editor, has writing experience and is pretty cool person.