UW-Platteville Chancellor establishes ‘Love the Press Day’

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Chancellor Dennis Shields has decided to share all the juicy details and secrets of the university as he declares Oct. 31 as official “Love the Press Day.”

To kick off the day, Shields has decided to conduct interviews with every member of the Exponent and WSUP staffs. He has promised to answer any questions they have and has offered to sit with them for as long as they want. Shields says there will be no questions off limits.

“I will answer any question they want and if they don’t ask to record the interview, I will personally ask them to record. I want everyone on this campus to know everything I know about the campus,” Shields said.

With that, Shields also mentioned he will go on record with both WSUP as well as the Exponent. Current members of the Exponent staff are more than excited about getting the chance to ask Shields the questions that have been on their minds for years.

“I am thrilled that I will finally get a definite answer about why they are cutting my major, but still have enough money to bring camels to campus,” senior media studies and Exponent staff member Wait Teress said.

The student news and radio outlets are not the only ones that will be able to get the scoop from Shields. All students will be able to ask him any question they wish during an open forum the university will be holding in the Markee Pioneer Student Center on “Love the Press Day.”

“I realize that both students as well as the news outlets on this campus want questions answered. Therefore, I am willing to get everything out in the open for the entire campus,” Shields said.

Shields is ecstatic to share all of his knowledge about the university with students and the students are excited as well. They have never been able to get a straight answer about where their money is going within the university, until now.

“I can finally ask the chancellor about why my desk in Boebel is only big enough to fit a grain of sand on it, let alone my notebook and why we are getting a new engineering building when I still have to live in a residence hall with no water pressure,” junior criminal justice major Peter Cottontail said.

Both students and news staffs are eagerly awaiting this tell-all-day with Shields. So make sure to mark your calendars for “Love the Press Day” on the UW-Platteville campus. Remember, no question will go unanswered; anything and everything is up for discussion.