President confirms the existence of aliens

President Donald Trump tweets in the wee hours of the morning confirming that aliens are real and that it is Mexicos fault.

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President Donald Trump tweets in the wee hours of the morning confirming that aliens are real and that it is Mexicos fault.


President Donald Trump took to Twitter early this morning to confirm the existence of alien species.

“Obama administration met with aliens and never told the people! Bad!” President Trump tweeted at 3:27 this morning. “A very reliable source told me that the aliens want to help make America great again!”

The confirmation of the foreign species has been long awaited since Trump was inaugurated as president in January. The American people have been anxiously losing sleep and refreshing their Twitter apps in hopes that the president would release the information in the early hours but they kept on getting bombarded with tweets about Saturday Night Live and the musical Hamilton and how they are overrated.

“I have been waiting all my life to know if aliens are real or not. I knew that voting for Trump would make that happen. He would be the only person to let us know if there was life outside of earth,” Paul DeVos said.

This was not the first time that President Trump revealed highly classified information over social media. Earlier this month he told his followers about the alleged wire-tapping that he had been a victim of. Ridiculous accusations and feuds with television shows is exactly what social media was created for and our country’s leader uses it to his advantage on a regular basis.

President Trump continued on his Twitter rampage by blaming the “illegal aliens” in the country for the real aliens not wanting to make an appearance sooner.

“Once aliens heard about the wall we’re building they wanted people to know that they are real! Mexico will pay!” he tweeted at 3:46 a.m. President Trump told his followers that he would schedule a press conference with Fox News only to discuss this newfound information. President Trump expressed to his followers that no fake news will be allowed at this particular press conference. He only wants conservative stations that will report the things that he personally wants and makes him look good.

“CNN and other bully news orgs are not allowed at this press conference!” President Trump tweeted shortly after his announcement. There has been no confirmation of when the press conference will be or if the aliens that Trump have befriended will attend.