R8 My Profe$$or

Chip Cordon – They seem happy and teach well, but there’s just something off about them that I can’t put my finger on. They smile, but there is no warmth. Just a terrible emptiness like you would find in the rusted hull of a ship, forgotten at the bottom of a dead sea. Something happened to make them this way, but I do not know what. No one does. 9/10. 

[REDACTED] – The profe$$or is alright, and there’s not a lot of homework. Pretty strict about showing up to class on time. Once I was a few minutes late, and she threw a textbook at me. The course is a serious health concern due to the fact that it made me want to [REDACTED]. 3/10.

Ingles Prof. Esser – Worst Geography profe$$or I’ve ever had. Does not even talk about Geography. We have so many writing assignments, and all we’ve done was talk about grammar. I honestly have no idea how they are even able to stay a profe$$or when they do not even teach their subject. Should honestly consider just switching to an English profe$$or . 1/10.

Jimothy Simons – He is a good profe$$or from what I understand, but I accidentally called him “Slim Jim” to his face on the first day of class, and I haven’t been able to work up the guts to go back. From what I’ve heard from other students, he’s a nice profe$$or and a decent grader. 10/10.

Manny Ter – I have no evidence to support this, but I just get the general vibe that he is a cannibal. Good profe$$or though, hands out plenty of snacks in class and keeps on inviting us to a BBQ party in his basement, which is a little weird, but honestly, I am considering it. Sounds like fun. 9/10.