‘We’ll never be royals’ – until now

First UW-Platteville royalty court has been declared for 150th sesquicentennial homecoming week


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Senior elementary education major Hayley Pollei and junior agriculture education major Karsen Vance eagerly await the Homecoming Royalty event of the day.

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville has chosen their homecoming Royalty representatives.

After a rigorous process the final 10 men and women were chosen for homecoming royalty. These students had to submit their resumes, cover letters and mini-biographies for the application process. From there, the chosen few moved on to the essay portion of the candidacy process.

The lucky few then moved on to the interview portion where various questions were asked to the remaining students.

Margaret Baumgardt, Matthew Erickson, Trevor Hansen, Bailey Hart, Cody Kabus, Rebecca Lee, Megan Martoz, Hayley Pollei, Brandon Simmons and Karsen Vance are this year’s homecoming royalty court.

“[I am representing] Hugunin,” senior elementary Hayley Pollei said in an email interview. “Hugunin is an inclusive and collaborative community that supports each other and enjoy being involved.”

This year, instead of the traditional queen and king titles, UW-Platteville has chosen to establish a new title, homecoming Royalty.

“I feel it really encompasses our changing society and campus culture of inclusivity. I think this was a great change to our system because we are now making it more inclusive to everyone,” junior agriculture education Karsen Vance said in an email interview.

Instead of having half the court be men and half the court be women, UW-Platteville decided to allow same sex representatives for different halls and organizations. This year, the two students with the highest votes per hall were chosen as the hall representatives.

“I just want people to go out and vote for someone who will represent them as a person and as a representative of the university itself… I love this university and what it represents. I would be honored if I was voted as Royalty but I would also be so proud to represent this university and all of the people within it,” Vance said.

UW-Platteville students can vote for homecoming Royalty through