Last minute comedian brings laughs


Taylor Egnarski

K-von cracks jokes with UW-Platteville students late night at The Markee. Tracy Ashley, who was supposed to be the orginial performer at the event, was quickly replaced by comedian and actor K-von.

Stand-up Saturday at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Markee Pioneer Student Center went a little different than planned, but still brought laughter to those who attended.

On Sat. March 5, Campus Programming and Relations had booked Tracey Ashley to be the entertainer for the night, however Ashley was not the performer present, instead it was comedian K-von. When asked if this was a last minute replacement, CPR event producer Greg Frechette said that it absolutely was.

“Tracey got her tour extended, so we ended up bringing in a bigger and better act,” Frechette said.

K-von agreed with Frechette saying that it was a matter of luck that he was able to perform at UW-Platteville. K-von said he was performing in St. Louis earlier that week and a group of CPR employees were there watching and ended up asking him to come and perform. However, Frechette said that CPR was able to meet K-von at the Regional National Association of Campus Activities Conference, so they knew they were replacing Ashley with a top-notch performer. With that, K-von had to do a lot of traveling in order to make his performance at UW-Platteville.

“Traveling is the worst part [of being a comedian], but it is all worth it when you get to the show and everything is going well,” K-von said.

K-von started the night with a viewing of his performance in a show called Disaster Date. He went on a pretend first date that someone planned against her best friend because of a bad date she set her up with. K-von played a guy that was obsessed with infomercials and hated Britney Spears because those were two qualities the girl hated the most.


As the show continued K-von drew laughs for his jokes about the safety announcements and flight attendants on planes, women always being more mature than men, first date scenarios and making fun of his personal life. Specifically, making fun of his Middle Eastern heritage and the shows he has done in the Middle East.

K-von also acquired a loud applause for jokes relating to college sexual humor and UW-Platteville itself. Relating his stand-up material to college appeared to have made the crowd feel more open to express their laughter.

“I liked how he got the crowd involved,” junior forensic investigation major Courtney Rowe said.

The show ended with a visual presentation of photos of famous people K-von has met over the years, making fun of outrageous Tinder accounts as well as funny store logos. After the presentation, K-von closed the show with a rap about how men should feed the women they are with.

With all the cool composure K-von had throughout the night, it was hard to believe he worked other jobs, but working those other jobs persuaded him to create the name K-von.

“When I first started working my day job, they were googling us to make sure we were working. So I changed my name so they couldn’t find me,” K-von said.

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