Flapjacks look good in flannel at FNC


Mohammad Tazin photo

Senior building construction major and Morrow Hall Resident Assistant Jake Schaap helps his resident building to serve pancakes to senior education majors Lukas Wymer and Hayley Pollei. Students were incouraged to wear flannel while eating flapjacks during the Friday Night Club event.

Let them eat pancakes!

The department of Residence Life’s hosted an event called ‘Flannel Flapjacks’ on Feb. 17th for Friday Night Club. The event was held in the Dobson Hall basement and featured free pancakes to all students who attended, as well as many games and activities for people to have fun and enjoy.

The theme of the event was free pancakes, with Morrow Hall staff making them, most of which were wearing flannel (the staff, not the pancakes). By including flannel into the theme, Morrow Hall differentiated this event from the previously held pancake dinner held by Hugunin Hall last semester. Also, by having the event in a residence hall rather than Greenwood Avenue Market, the overall atmosphere was a little homier for those who attended.

“We knew we wanted to do a pancake theme,” sophomore chemistry major Katan Moser said. “[Planning took place] before break and a lot of brain power went into this.”

This event took a while to plan in order for it to be a success. Determining the budget and how much everything was going to cost was a huge part of the planning process.

“It took quite a few staff meetings to plan this,” junior civil engineering major Holly Regan said. “We had to go to the store and find out how much everything would cost and make a funding request. Setting up only took about an hour.”

There was much to do at the event, besides eat pancakes of course. There were also a number of games to play, such as Apples to Apples, Monopoly, Life, Uno, a number of different card games and some Nintendo Wii U games.

“We needed a bigger space. Dobson had a bigger kitchen than Morrow so the decision was made to hold the event here,” sophomore psychology major Luke Mohar said. “Overall I think the event was a great success! I wouldn’t know how many pancakes we made! Like, a lot!”

The turnout to the event was great and everyone seemed to be have fun. Whether they were just hanging out with friends or enjoying themselves in a friendly game of Uno, it was just an incredibly fun time.