As the weather gets cold, the bowls get chili

Platteville Clay Club host chili competition to raise money for food pantry

The Clay Club hosted the Empty Bowls event at City Hall in Platteville. This event was open to not only to campus, but to the whole Platteville community. Empty Bowls is a chili competition to raise money; 100 percent of the money raised will be donated to the Platteville Food Pantry and then given to the Food Bank. The cost to participate in the event was $20 for community members who were not students and $10 for students. The Food Bank is a non-profit, charitable organization that helps with hunger awareness and gives back to the community of Platteville. 

For this competition, over 150 bowls were created by students from the university along with 10 different types of chilies. Many of the bowls were made by members of the Clay Club and by art professor and Clay Club Advisor Scott Steder. The chilies were made by anybody who wanted to enter including students, school chefs and community members. Each ranged in different flavors, spices, no meat, no beans, vegan and non-dairy. 

Ticket booths were present for students who wished to make a bowl. Students were then directed to selections of chilies where the Clay Club volunteers offered test samples and full bowls with toppings like cheese, sour cream, lime and cilantro. After enjoying multiple bowls, students could then vote on which chili they enjoyed the most.

Three judges were brought in to test the chilies and decide the winner. Out of the ten, only the top three claimed recognition. The first-place winner’s chili was named Chetli. In second place was Hine’s Chili, and in third place was Chili Verde.