The November Show

Students present their artwork from semester

The Art Building – a place not many students know much about unless they decide to take Art Survey. For those who are unaware of the events that take place in the Art Building, they host an event every fall called the November Show. The November Show is an event that gives opportunity to students who are enrolled in an art program to exhibit their work from their art courses.

This event not only displays student artwork but invites the public and the campus to come tour the Art Building, get a sense of what the art program has to offer and mingle with fellow students or talk with those already in the art program.

The art program gives students a chance to bring out their creative side. The event allowed students to showcase what they have been working on, how they work on it and how professors teach the skills and techniques for it.

From the outside, people can hear the faint sound of soothing jazz coming from the University Jazz Ensemble. The art work is spread throughout the building, exhibiting works from many different art forms varying from a wide range of classes. Inside the next room, the band is set up playing and there are snacks and refreshments set up as well.

The November Show is not just a place to show off students’ work but it’s also a competition judged by John Thomas Richard who is accompanied by his wife Julie Otto. Around 200 different pieces of artwork were individually judged, and many of the pieces were made by the same people because they are in multiple classes. This helps to increase their chances of winning.

Students who were able to submit work were enrolled in any of the following courses:  2-D Design, Painting I, Drawing I, Drawing III, Graphic Design I, Printmaking I, Ceramics I, Ceramics II and BFA thesis projects.

After looking at all the pieces, the judge came to a final decision on the winners of the show. The winners of the November Show were Mia Nottrott in first, winning $150, Liz Reuter in second, winning $100, and Rebecca Domske-Fahley, winning $50.