Music and Laughter: Review of the Morgan Jay Comedian Event


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

On Nov. 13, comedian Morgan Jay performed at Pioneer Crossing in the Markee Student Center for UW-Platteville at an event put on by Campus Programming Relations.

Jay considers Los Angeles his home and loves living the lifestyle of trying new things. Jay was very polite and even asked the audience if it was all right to drop an “F-bomb” during his performance. His life experiences greatly influenced his topics throughout his show; at some points, Jay got very personal. He shared that he used to be part of swinger culture and how nice it was. Of course, any good comedian would make a few jokes about this, which is exactly what he did.

Similarly, Jay’s comedy is in a similar style to Bo Burnham where he sings his jokes and punchlines. He has even appeared on Comedy Central.

Before Jay started with his first song, he asked some students what their majors were and how they were doing. Interaction is an important theme he upheld throughout the show as the crowd spoke with him between songs.

Not only were his songs funny, but they also touched on relevant topics. For example, Jay started off with a song called “Dot Dot Dot.” The song’s purpose is to show the confusion between text messages and the anxiety one can experience when the recipient is typing to respond back, especially in a romantic relationship. Doubt, mistrust and the thought of drifting apart were all themes in this beautifully played song. It pokes some fun at everyday worries but also brings light to how personally we act in this situation. The chorus was very catchy (mostly because it was just “Dot Dot Dot”) and easy to sing along with, while the smooth guitar flowed over the crowd. The song caught the group’s attention effectively, and everyone seemed to be enjoying it.

Not surprisingly, Jay sings about his love life and the many learning curves he has encountered over his life. “Split the Check,” “Home Intruder,” “My Girlfriend is Mad” and “Friendzone” were all titles performed during Jay’s show. The song titles seem self-explanatory except for “Home Intruder,” where the melody is about the girlfriend slowly moving in and taking over her boyfriend’s house.

Another song with an important message was, “You Suck.” This song specifically called out friends who are considered “flaky” and always say they will show up for an event but then are usually not there or very late. Again, Jay relates to the everyday anxiety triggers that many people feel.

If traditional comedian styles sound boring, you may want to give Morgan Jay a listen. Constantly strumming his guitar, he has a very soothing voice which is comforting on the ears. Calming music accompanied by funny lyrics results in a relaxing time to hang out and have a good chuckle. Morgan Jay can be found on Spotify, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.