Movie Review: Wakanda Forever


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The second Black Panther movie revolved around T’Challa’s death and how Wakanda carries on after his legacy. 

The movie was heavily laced with tributes to the late Chadwick Boseman, who played T’Challa in the first Black Panther movie. Boseman died on Aug. 28, 2020 during the filming of the second movie. 

Since the heart-shaped herb that initiated the Black Panther powers were all destroyed by Erik Killmonger in the first movie, Wakanda was left without any way to reproduce a Black Panther. Despite this, Queen Ramonda made it clear to the outside world that though Wakanda no longer had the Black Panther, they were not a helpless nation.

However, it was discovered that vibranium, the coveted mineral that was thought to be only in Wakanda, exists deep in the ocean floor. This discovery threatens to expose an ancient underwater civilization, Talokan, that has thrived for centuries on vibranium in the ocean depths. This inevitably leads to a confrontation between the people of Wakanda and those of Talokan.

The conflict of the movie posed a story-worthy dilemma, though the conflict felt misdirected in some ways. The main conflict began because the Americans had developed a machine capable of detecting vibranium. This threatened the discovery of Talokan, who gave Wakanda an ultimatum: join forces against the outside world or be destroyed. 

Marvel seemed to only focus on the conflict between these two nations and ignored a larger underlying problem; the only existing machine that could detect vibranium may have been destroyed, but the world will be able to recreate the same technology. Not only that, but the existence of vibranium outside of Wakanda poses a large threat that the mineral may fall into the wrong hands.

The resolution between Talokan and Wakanda also feels deflated and cliché. However, it is understandable that this was possibly the best outcome, and it seems unlikely that either nation was going to be completely eradicated because of the high stakes.

Overall, the composition of the movie was fantastic from the cinematic aspects, choreography and soundtrack. The storyline also incorporates historical contexts, like the Spanish colonization of Central America. The music soundtrack includes a combination of African, Latine and American pop music. 

Furthermore, the creativity of this movie was unmatched. The action scenes in this movie were thrilling and had the audience on the edges of their seats while the emotional segments were heart-wrenching to watch. 

Rated: 9/10