26. April 2023. Blurb of the Week


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Hiroshima Diary was written by Michihiko Hachiya M.D. and translated by Warner Wells M.D. Is the journal entries of a Japanese physician who was present when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and details his amazing recovery from his injuries to leading research regarding the unknown sickness of radiation poisoning. This book paints a twisted, horrible picture of the aftermath of the bomb with its firsthand descriptions of the scenes. Some descriptions were so hard to comprehend that I had to put the book down to mentally process what was being described to me.

Despite all these horrible sights of a big city leveled to nothing with charred bodies littering the streets, Dr. Hachiya kept hope and continued his duties as a physician. It reveals how when one loses everything, the most desired and precious thing is one’s life which was shown, for many people who lost everything and had nowhere to go. The days were so genuine and detailed that with the achievement of finding and intact toilet, I could sense happiness and joy. I recommend this book for anyone looking for a historical perspective that is uncommonly told.