How to stay warm and safe for winter travels

Tips and tricks to stay prepared for any holiday mishaps and mayhems

As the holiday season draws closer and the weather starts to get colder, traveling can get a little bit tricky. Around the time you think you’re completely prepared, life happens, and you realize you have forgotten something. Below are two lists to help keep you safe and warm for all of the hectic holiday travels.

Car Essentials

Check Road Conditions before you get in the car—Check the road conditions before you leave the house.  If they’re questionable, leave a little bit early so that you won’t feel rushed on an icy road. 

Check your car’s functions before driving—the last thing you want on a snowy winter night is to be stuck on the side of the road somewhere. Make sure your car is all good to go before you set out on a drive.   

Keep at least a half/full tank of gas—It’s better for your car and it takes away some of the anxiety around winter driving. 

Gloves and Hand Warmers—Keeping your hands warm will help you stay cozy.  The steering wheel can get chilly during the winter months; a warm pair of mittens can really help.  Also, if your car breaks down or won’t start, you’ve got some protection from the cold.  

Ice Scraper and Brush—Icy windows and snow-covered blind-spots are particularly dangerous in slippery conditions.  Take the time to clean up your car before driving; it’ll save you in the long run.

• Sand, Rock Salt, or Kitty Litter—If you get stuck in some deep snow, you can use any of these things to build some traction under your tires.

Small or Collapsible Shovel—If you need to dig your way out of a drift, a small shovel can come in handy. 

Blankets—Always keep a blanket in your car just in case.  It will help you stay warm if you have to camp out for a bit in the cold. 

Windshield Washer Fluid—Other cars throw up a lot of salt and slush during the winter months; windshield washer fluid can run low pretty quickly when you’re constantly cleaning your windows.  Make sure to buy the kind of washer fluid that’s meant for freezing temperatures. 

Jumper Cables—Cold cars don’t always like to start on the first try, it’s always a good idea to have a backup set of jumper cables.  

Sunglasses—The glare of the sun off of the snow is extremely hard on your eyes.  Try to keep sunglasses in your car to protect from the harsh rays.   

Backpack Essentials

Touchscreen Gloves—Keep your hands warm while you scroll through Instagram. 

Lip Balm—Chilly weather leads to chapped lips.

Tissues—Chilly weather also leads to runny noses, and tissues are just one of those things that you can never find when you really need them.

Cough Drops—Be prepared for a cold at all times; it is officially cold season.

Sunglasses—Protect your eyes from the sun not only when you’re driving, but also when you’re walking. 

Insulated Travel Mug—Keep your holiday-flavored coffee warm so that you can always have a hot drink on hand. 

Hats, Gloves, & Scarves—If you can keep your hands, neck, and ears warm, you’ll be set for all of those chilly walks to class, work, etc.