A show for when you are bored and hungry

A review of “The Great British Baking Show”

While sitting at home and procrastinating homework, many of us turn to binging on new shows to pass the time. “The Great British Baking Show” is a lighthearted baking show on Netflix. Each season starts with 12 contestants that have no formal baking training, but are avid home bakers. In one season, a hairstylist competes against a construction worker and teacher.
Each episode has a different theme, like cake or patisserie, and consists of three sections: a signature bake, a technical challenge and showstopper challenge. The challenges are designed to test not only a baker’s creativity but also their technical abilities.
Compared to many popular baking shows, this show is high-spirited and refreshing. Contestants help each other finish their bakes on time and become close friends throughout the seasons. Though someone gets eliminated every week, everyone is proud knowing that they did their best.
If this pandemic has caused extra boredom, the show has a Masterclass spinoff that gives lessons on how to do the different technical bakes that have been seen on the show.