On The Star Wars Fandom

The Star Wars fandom can be the most mixed yet also the most inclusive fandom around. They can hate on the films, shows, or even each other. The fandom is constantly divided over things that are canon or non-canon. Though, there are some things fans will come together over.
The fans love Star Wars, but some think other’s opinions about specific media are wrong. One fan might enjoy “The Last Jedi” and think it is the greatest film, yet another will tell that fan that they are wrong and not a real fan. Why is there hate among a group of people that all have something in common?
The conventions are a place for fans to come together in peace. People show up in extravagant cosplay and trade different items with each other. They get to see the actors that portray their favorite characters and get to collect exclusive action figures.
Toys are a big part of Star Wars and always will be. They have been a part of the community since the very beginning. There are lots of rare ones and different companies that produce merchandise from Star Wars.
The Anger, Hate and Suffering
Fans can get upset over the smallest things in the movies or shows. Little inconsistencies throw everything out of the loop. A costume malfunction is now canon because it happened. A man accidentally stands in the back of the set? Canon. At least until they digitally remove the figure.
Fans will argue with each other about who is right about certain topics, such as which movie is the best. There is no correct answer, just an opinion. Every fan has their opinion, though some feel that it is necessary to put others down for what they like.
There is a lot of bullying in the Star Wars Fandom. It is hard to love a movie so much and get put down for loving that movie. Yes, there are some things wrong or cringey with some of the films or shows, but it is all Star Wars.
The fans have hatred towards each other which ultimately, according to Yoda, leads to suffering. Suffering among the community. Suffering between each other because they cannot stand to state their opinion without fear of being put down. Everyone should have their opinions in the community, yet this is not the case.
The way some fans treat some films or shows is just unacceptable. Many people say, “Star Wars Rebels” is for kids, or that the animation is not up to that of “The Clone Wars,” and that is simply because it is not “The Clone Wars.” It is its own thing. It is a great show with a great story of family and comradery when things seemed dim under the control of the Empire. Yes, “The Clone Wars” was a classic show, but “Rebels” was one of a kind and brought new light onto the Jedi and showed the story of a new character, Ezra Bridgers, and how he became a Jedi.
Use the Con, Luke
Star Wars is well-known for its epic Star Wars Celebration in different cities of the world each year. Fans cosplaying with an insane amount of detail in their costume. Different stars from the films or show on a panel for questions. The showcasing of new trailers or shows. It is an epic experience for any fan.
The conventions have almost everything a Star Wars fan would want. The exclusive figures or toys that are showcased and sold sell for double to triple on the aftermarket. Everything about the conventions is special and only happen in that manner once. No other convention will be exactly the same or have the same merchandise.
San Diego Comic-Con is another big convention for Star Wars fans, though it is mostly about comics, it is really anything in that area, such as Star Trek, Marvel, DC Comics and Star Wars. There are many fantastic things that happen here, though not as much as Star Wars Celebration.
Celebration is the ultimate Star Wars showcase. Hosted all around the world in different years, each location has something special. Each year there are exclusive action figures sold to customers which are very highly prized by fans.
Cosplay is frequent among the fans at conventions. Fans love dressing up as their favorite character and interacting and taking pictures with fans. The detail is amazing on some of the fan-made costumes!
The Toydarian Toymakers
Toys have always been a huge market in “Star Wars,” usually surpassing the amount of money made from the film alone. The oldest figures sell for hundreds of dollars in package. Though they may not look the best, they are some of the most expensive.
Though, more recently, The Black Series is a line of six-inch figures from Star Wars. Fans love these figures. They are cost-efficient, costing around $20 to $25, and are very detailed. There are over 350 figures over the past 7 years!
Though the older figures get a lot of money for them, the new figures can get a lot, too. Such figures from Sideshow Collectables or Hot Toys go for over $300 at the base price. They are the most detailed figures around; about as detailed as the real thing.
There are also many online lightsaber shops that one can buy from. Some can be better than others, but these can rack up in price as well. As much as $500 for a nice lightsaber with sound. Though they look very good, they can be very pricey.
The Last Conclusion
Star Wars can be divided in many ways, but there are a lot of ways for the community to be brought together. Conventions are a good place for that and are generally safe. They are filled with Star Wars fans of all ages and is a very fun experience. The toys of Star Wars will long be remembered as some of the most sought-after toys on the market.
Star Wars is a big part of many people’s lives and will continue to be for generations to come. It will long be remembered for its fans and the community which strengthens the passion for the filmmakers to keep producing the content that the fans love.
Star Wars is about the fans, and when they come together and make their own out of Star Wars, is when the community shines the brightest. There may be dark times in the fan community, but the fans can and will all come together over their love of Star Wars.