Campus’ Residence Halls, Greek Organizations participate in House Decs competition

Lennie Ballosh, General Staff

To continue the excitement of Homecoming Week, the House Decorations event took place on Oct. 9. Both Greek Organizations and Residence Halls decorated their buildings with different Hollywood themed ideas to compete for bragging rights as the top dogs of homecoming.

House Decs is a University of Wisconsin-Platteville tradition that brings homecoming to where students live. It incorporates the house or residence hall that competes amongst other organizations on campus, allowing for a friendly competition.

The competition allows for the judges to enter into the minds of the students when they look at the House Decs. Bridgeway Commons utilized the minds of their residents and went with Space Jam as their theme since it was not used prior to any other homecomings.

“The person that spoke up for Space Jam said that Space Jam is so unique and that they had never seen anyone do that before, so we went with it for Bridgeway,” Annie Vasterling, junior forensic investigation major said.

House Decs allow for Residence Halls to be put on display, by turning their lobby areas into places that revolve around each homecoming theme.

“We were Haunted HollyWAM instead of Hollywood,” Nicole Graetz, senior elementary education major said. “We wanted to incorporate different horror movies into our haunted theme into different ways.”

WAM is the combination of Wilgus Hall and Melcher Hall, allowing for a co-ed team that is able to compete with other co-ed residence halls on campus.

“For our house decs, we decided to show off some of the greatest horror movies by having our house decs being a broken down movie theater with all the different villains. We based it on The Shining, The Nightmare of WAM Street, Here’s Jimmy, instead of Here’s Johnny, and Jigsaw from the Saw movies,” Graetz said.

“We did a Western theme for Southwest Hall,” Zachary Bostic, junior technology education major said. “We had saloon doors, two cowboy silhouettes, we had cacti and we had WANTED posters of all the Residence Hall Staff.”

Judging for the House Decs started at 4 p.m. and went until 6 p.m., starting with the Greek Organizations and then the Residence Halls afterwards. Each House Dec allowed for a different take on the Hollywood theme, allowing for judges to be entertained as some organizations or residence halls took the judges on a tour of their creations. The House Decs even allowed for the judges to get a sneak peek into what some of the float ideas were going to be for the parade.

Brockert hall took first place in the House Decs this year, while Morrow Hall took second, and WAM took third Along with the Residence Halls, the Greek organizations raced to see who could win, with Sigma Tau Gamma took first place, Sigma Pi took second and Tau Kappa Epsilon took third.