Letter to the Editor: Brandon Snyder

Hello again! This past week or so has been busy connecting with more students from Facebook or tabling in the Markee Pioneer Student Center to chalking the campus and even participating in the All Campus Forum.

Running for the Student Body Presidency made me keep one thing in mind: putting students first. In order to have a maintained and active university community, the students are the foundation of how the university will survive.

Then the university provides the essentials we need as undergraduate students with faculty and staff. Overseeing all of this is our administration. Personally, I have learned a lot about campaigning for Student Body President. The infatuated support you get from students you have helped in the past and students that are trying to interact with you for the first time is such a great feeling. On the other hand, some of the things you will do during a campaign will be contorted and deemed hurtful.

No matter if there is a nonpartisan race or simply referendum topics, all humans are political beings. Gaining the students’ trust will be vital to their voice being heard. When being the bridge to and from administration, figuratively speaking, the students are the support of the bridge. Sometimes, you will have a small section of the bridge from students fall through. It is important to try and unify as many students to gain that section and support again. After all, these positions work for the students and they must be always considered first; not after. Thank you to everyone who has voted or shown support during this election season for any of the candidates