Farewell Letter from the Chief Graphics Editor


The darling Morgan Fuerstenberg

My dearest friends at the Exponent,

My time involved with the campus newspaper is one that I will look back on fondly. Like most, my involvement occurred by chance. I happened to have a class with the one and only John Rodwell, the man behind nearly all recruitment of the Exponent staff around fall 2021 – fall 2022, it would seem.

When I started coming to the Exponent, we were a bare bones staff in the office due to COVID-19 restrictions. I trained for three weeks under the previous Graphics Editor and was nervously turned loose. It was with much guidance from John and the advisor Liam that I was able to grow comfortable in my role. I do sincerely appreciate all of the help I got along the way.

Fast forward to the spring 2022 semester, we had recruited my dear friend Emilee as a new Assistant Graphics Editor. Truly at times, she was my rock during Production Night. Someone who kept a level head when I most certainly was overwhelmed by stressors. While I do miss Emilee greatly, and she left large boots to fill, Abby has stepped up as our Assistant Graphics Editor in the past academic year.

Being involved in the Exponent was a fun job experience, but I also had a ton of fun with my peers there. Whether that be gossiping with Natalie in class, having lively conversations with John or Emilee during office hours, chatting with Veronica at every opportunity, getting supper with Nick, seeing other friends around campus or hanging out at different times without work looming over us. I have mentioned this before, but Pip, I do so appreciate your constant willingness to help out and stand up for our organization.

Finally, I leave the Exponent’s graphics in the capable hands of Abby, the new Chief Graphics Editor and her “potent and distinct dabbing.” As you read this, she is probably dabbing to assert dominance. I will miss you all, but I am so very glad to have met you.

Morgan Fuerstenberg