Relaxing: Gaming and Esports


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

This past Thursday, the UW-Platteville Gaming and Esports organization hosted their first relaxation and gaming night. The organization is trying to build a community of people that like to game including people who are into the competitive scene in different games as well as casual gamers who play just to have fun. Even if someone does not know much about gaming, these events are for anyone who is looking for a community on campus that hangs out and plays games.

The selection for Thursday’s game night was a bit small, but nevertheless, the experience was still fun. There are multiple Nintendo Switch consoles set around the room. Each has a library of games to choose from. One of the bigger titles that were always being played was Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the switch. There were various matches being played from one-to-one to all-out 5-player free-for-all.  

On top of playing games with new people, this is also a place for people to talk and watch the competitive side of games. As of now, there are a few Esports organizations in UW-Platteville. Rainbow Six Siege is the most active and has already played two matches this semester.

Becky Hass, the coordinator of the event, has a vision for what the organization wants to become,“We are trying to build an Esports community on campus. This semester we are gaming events where people can come and play on some consoles and a place where people can also bring their own.”

The organization is looking into making a kind of community like at University of California-Irvine, a room that has been set up to be able to broadcast games and have consoles and a gaming PC for students to come and enjoy.

If students would like to learn how to play a new game, this is the place to go. It is also a good place to meet people and hang out. Gaming is something that this organization is trying to spread, and this is their first step to doing so.

The next Relaxation event will be held on Feb. 13, at 6:00 p.m. in the gaming room at the Pioneer Student Center.