6 Apr. 2023 Org. of the Week: Environmental Sciences and Society


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

What is it?
The Environmental Sciences and Society (ESS) club is partly academic and partly
social. It is meant to bring like-minded people, especially Environmental Science and Conservation majors, together to build a community for each other. We advertise jobs and provide informational meetings for our members, as well as organize fun meetings for bonding experiences.
Who can join?

Anyone can join. We welcome anyone who is interested in the environment and who
wants to meet new people.

Thursdays at 7 p.m. (every other week). Next meeting: 4/13


Earth week events: informational meeting about food waste with food provided. Bring
containers to encourage minimizing waste.
Next club event: outdoor games in memorial park

Note from the President:

We are really proud of our club and feel that there was a lack of something like this
for our major and people who struggle to find opportunities within the conservation field.