WSUP Station Manager Graduates

Dear Editors,

WSUP Radio Manager Gustavo Morales, here bringing you some long awaited updates!

We’ve been doing better this semester with a lot of new faces in the station and we’ll be introducing them to you all very soon in the way of some new specialty shows and bringing back some of the old favorites.

We have an academic advisor again, which means we have more direct and involved access to our budget and we’re working on some much-needed upgrades to our technology, format and website so please keep an eye out for that.

As some of you may know, we will be temporarily switching to an online-only format. Construction on Pioneer Tower puts workers next to our antenna. So, to ensure everyone’s safety, we’ve powered down our radio broadcast. This may change to be a reduced broadcast or limiting broadcasting to certain hours. We’re going through the paperwork and scheduling. We will keep everyone updated!

For now, you can find us online at WSUP.US until the construction on the tower ends. This works best in Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Be sure to allow permissions in Microsoft.

Lastly, I am happy to announce that this will be my last semester at UW-Platteville since (if all goes well) I graduate this May. Typically, the station manager takes over at the start of the spring semester. However, with all the changes, gaps in recruitment due to COVID-19 and the work needed with administration for the tower construction, we felt it be best that I stick around to help the new executive staff to make sure whoever takes over can run the torch farther than me. 

With that said, I am stepping down as station manager and the new manager will be announced by the end of March to early April.

A big thank you to everyone’s continued support as we grow and improve WSUP!

Stay Tuned,

Gustavo Morales

Station Manager – WSUP Platteville.