Beware of children


Are you ready for when the children take over? Because the day is approaching faster than we know it. Everybody needs to prepare for Oct. 31 when the kids come out of hiding to come knocking on your front door. This date is known by the children as a holiday called Halloween. These things called kids, or children, are everywhere dressed in disguises. Some are dressed as monsters, cartoon characters and even animals. Can you believe it?! They fill the sidewalks and streets with bags and buckets filled with mysterious sugary things all different shapes, colors and sizes known as “Candy.”

Don’t be fooled when they say “trick or treat.” They have come to take the treats from you and leave the tricks. They want your candy and they’ll do anything for it ,even it means dressing in a disguise and using their cute kid faces to get it. Once you give in there is no going back. The kids will cry and throw a fit if you take away their candy.

I warn people to not fall into the trap of handing out candy. The kids suffer from sugar highs and hyperactiveness, leaving the parents struggling to put them to bed. They even bring the candy to school and share with others, providing them with even more candy. The kids get hyper at school which makes them unable to concentrate or to act out and the teacher has to talk with them. If the kids eat too much candy and don’t brush their teeth then they have a higher chance of getting cavities, which can be expensive if there are multiple ones.

I warn you: stay inside on Oct. 31 with all the lights off to redirect the children to other front doors. Help stop the kids taking over the night. The more people who help fight this, the less the parents have to stress about getting their kids to bed, teachers dealing with naughty kids and less cavities. Let’s fight together to take back the night!