Famous Celebrity Canceled for 17-Year-Old Video


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The lead singer of rising pop band “Definitely Not Problematic” is being called out on social media for their slightly outdated opinions that resurfaced from a 2006 YouTube video. Fans and newcomers alike are divided, with some defending the singer’s words and others calling people to action in canceling the celebrity.

“I’m heartbroken that they would say something like that. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, but I don’t think I can continue to support them,” long-time admirer of the band, Pan Cake, explained. “It’s a real shame when up-and-coming celebrities say such targeted things once they start getting popular.”

In an interview for “Big-Name, Trendy Music Magazine,” Sunny Shine, a fan who only discovered the band two days prior to the allegations, stated, “I don’t really know anything about this band or the lead singer, or even what they said. But yeah, I agree. This is definitely awful and we should totally cancel them for it.”

The band’s name reached the trending page on Twitter once rumors began to flourish under the tag #CancelDefNotProb.

“DefNotProb really needs to make a public apology. This type of hurtful behavior can’t be tolerated in this fanbase,” one Tweet from user @WalkingTaco10294 exclaimed. “They should make some kind of long statement about their regrets or some kind of apology video with a sympathetic thumbnail. Then I might be willing to support them again.”

“I just hope we can all acknowledge that what they said was wrong,” Pan Cake said. “They were 15 at the time of that video. No one ever says anything bad or problematic when they’re 15, so this is serious business.”

The event has left fans confused and agitated as they await further updates from the singer, who mysteriously went quiet on all social media pages following the initial allegations.