New Antagonist Insert Causes Backlash


The Antagonist/Butternut Squash

The Antagonist staff faced backlash after releasing a new insert in their paper called “The Mental Relief” wherein students can submit their experiences and tips on how to remain stress free while being in college.

“The Mental Relief” is produced once a semester and runs open submissions for all UW-Platteville students. They can send in money-saving tips, meditation sequences, exercises for beginners, etc. The insert will have been running for a year this semester.

Despite positive feedback from students and the community, some staff have been outraged over the insert. “It is a disgrace. College students must always feel like they are in utter doom while they are here. They should have the same experience we had in college,” English professor Robin Crow said.

Multiple professors have come together and protested at multiple Antagonist paper spots, including most academic buildings and the Markee Pioneer Student Center. The professors have also created a Facebook group titled “MentalHealthIzFake” to further discuss retaliation plans against the Antagonist staff.

Humanities professor Canary Quail stated in the group messaging board, “I can’t believe that they’re doing this. Only the branch campus students are allowed to be stress-free because they have a cooler name. They are the only ones that deserve a mental break, not main campus students. #wehatementalhealth #maincampussux”

UW-Platteville’s branch campus, Ghost Town, produces its own separate and exclusive stress-relieving content for Ghost Town students only.

The following Tuesday, six professors from the UW-Platteville campus came to the Antagonist office with signs demanding the end of “The Mental Relief.” The signs at the protest read “No Mental Relief” and “Stress 4 All.”

“We are just trying to help out,” Editor-in-Chief Howie Doowin continued. “The students and community love it, so we continue to produce despite the six professors who hate it.” Doowin closed the Antagonist office doors to block out the protestors and played music to drown out their voices.

The protestors left the office two hours into the Antagonist’s production night, allowing the Antagonist staff to work in peace. The Antagonist staff works every Tuesday from 4 p.m. till midnight. These eight hours proved to be too exerting for the protestors.

“I can’t do this. My feet hurt. I need to go home, read a book, meditate and drink some tea. I am too stressed out to stay here for another six hours,” English professor Cardinal Bluejay said.

The Antagonist still produced “The Mental Relief” all while having six protesters come to their production night.

“We had protestors?” Social Media and Web Manager Chuck Beanz remarked. “Well, obviously they mean nothing to us, we work for the students not the professors. Students comment on our social media posts all the time telling us how much they utilize the information we publish to get them out of financial trouble or just having someone to relate experiences with.”

“The Mental Relief” edition came out this past Thursday with an overwhelming demand of newspapers, every building on campus ran out of copies by 9 a.m. Thursday. Students were excited to see “The Mental Relief” back on the racks.

“I love ‘The Mental Relief’ because I love spreading my experiences to other students and reading others’ too. It’s such a positive influence on campus,” UW-Platteville student Ellie Kline said.

Advisor Chip Cordon of the Antagonist explained that “The Mental Relief” will continue and, although they have received multiple hate e-mails about the insert, they know that “haters gonna hate.”

“The Mental Relief” is here to stay.