Computer science study uncovers ‘Deb-Disciples’

Arnold Howitz

A recent study conducted by the computer science department has found that approximately 87 percent of UW-Platteville students have added Deb Meyer to their spam folder, but the 13 percent audience whom Meyer still contacts seems to be as loyal as ever.

Little is known about how this information was gathered, but the department has recently released the full list of “Deb-disciples.” It can be found on the official department website,

“Deb is the glue that holds this university together. How else would you know if PASS is down if it weren’t for Deb? We need Deb,” freshman engineering major Bryce Harner said.

In a speech to a small crowd of loyal followers outside of Karrmann Library, Meyer had little to say about the situation, but noted her appreciation of the students who supported her work.

“I didn’t realize that my emails, my passion, would have a such real impact on students’ lives. By the way, PASS will be down from 4-5 PM today.” Said Meyer.

This brief statement was met with a large round of applause and cheers from the crowd.

“Regardless of whether you’re a Deb-disciple or not, the energy felt within that crowd is electric, these people are viciously passionate.” said sophomore criminal justice major Tom Garton.

While the Deb-disciples are loyal and unwavering in their appreciation for Meyer, they haven’t gone without their share of criticism.

“Sounds like a bunch of weenies,” said senior business major Andrew Garden.

The Deb-disciples hold weekly meetings in the basement of Boebel Hall. Meyer has yet to make an appearance, but a representative for the group has indicated that Meyer will be attending in the near future.

“Deb is a busy woman, look at everything she does for this university, sending 24 emails a day to indicate that certain internet services like email aren’t working. It’s a big job, I think at heart we all strive to be Deb Meyer,” said freshman agriculture major Colin Colgott.

The Next Deb-disciple meeting will be held Tuesday, March 28 in Boebel 0014. An itinerary for the meeting has been sent via email to all UW-Platteville students. Topics are set to include a lecture on using to Microsoft Outlook to control mass audiences, as well as a question and answer session about Meyer’s life with licensed Deb-expert Howard Tyson. The time and place of the meeting are subject to change. Details of any change, proposed change, or any other useless and inapplicable information will be emailed to students campus-wide.