University’s Third Website for Chancellor Search


Emileigh Hoyt comic

The Office of University and Other Relations recently announced the creation of a new website for UW-Platteville for the upcoming national search to replace outgoing Chancellor Dennis Shields. Along with Pioneer Portal and the website, the new website will be the third successful addition to a line-up of easily navigable interfaces for applicants to the chancellorship opening.

“We are really excited,” said Bob Robert, adjunct director of the Alternate Worlds and Technologies department. “The outcry over the rollout for Pioneer Portal was so effusive that we just can’t wait to hear how excited campus is at this solution to our vacant chancellor’s post.” 

According to a Q&A provided by AWT, candidates will be able to upload “fresh photos and selfies” alongside “resumes and/or curriculum vitae” that students, faculty, staff and community members will be able to peruse at leisure. 

“The basic idea is to swipe left or swipe right,” said Helga Barbara Schmitz, vice chancellor for the division of truth and associate dean of applied mathematics. Schmitz was part of the team that vetted various software to create the new website, which can be accessed by logging into Sharepoint through teams with a fob or cellphone. The link can be found in the A-Z dropdown menu on Pioneer Portal, or so Schmitz said. 

Freshman university studies major Malleus Malifcarum (Green Bay, class of 2028) was particularly excited about the new website. “Once you find it, you can even download it as an app,” they exclaimed. “I especially like its name: Pionr. It’s just so cool and on point. Crisp, really.” 

The editorial board at the Antagonist has so far been unable to access the link to download and test the new app. Please email instructions if you can find it to be run in a future issue.