Student hospitalized after cell phone dies

On Tuesday, Sept. 13 the life of Penny Phonetell was changed forever when her cell phone battery. At 2:15 p.m. Campus Police were called to Doudna hall for a student going into shock after her phone battery had died while she was on Facebook during class. Phonetell’s friend Sammie Sung was by her side when the horrific incident happened.

“It was just horrible, she had mentioned to me before that her battery wasn’t going to last long but I thought that she had her charger or something. She knows how she gets when her battery is gone and when she started hyperventilating, I knew that the worst was yet to come,” Sung said.

Also sitting near Phonetell, fellow student Mike Cellularus had his own view on this traumatic event.

“One minute she was laughing at some silly Facebook video and the next thing that I know she is in a full blown anxiety attack and her cute friend Sammie was trying to get the Professor’s attention so she could help.

I’ve never seen something so tragic happen to such a sweet girl,” Cellularus said.

Once paramedics got to the scene, it was found that Phonetell was rendered unconscious from the situation. She was rushed to the hospital where her parents were informed of the situation.

Phonetell’s mother, Posh Phonetell, was the first to see her daughter in the hospital and was able to give an update on her condition after taking a little time to process everything that happened.

“She seems to be doing better, they have her on fluids and she is at least conscious again. As to what I think about what is going on, she can sometimes be a little dramatic so I was expecting this to happen, but not to this extent. Yes, obviously I am worried about my daughter but she could have done so much to prevent it from happening. I am also from a different generation where we aren’t needing to be attached at the hand to our phones but that is just me. I don’t know what it is like to have that addiction,” Phonetell’s mother said.

Shortly after talking with Posh Phonetell, it was announced that Penny was going to make a full recovery with the understanding that she will, from now on, have to carry some sort of emergency battery or charger with her at all times so events such as this won’t happen ever again.